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March 3, 2021 2 minute read

Digital Maturity Assessment: How connected is your company?

Our digital maturity assessment can help you gauge your level of connectivity and aptitude for digital transformation. After taking the assessment, we will share actionable insights to help you move forward—no matter where you are on your transformation journey.

After completing this assessment, you’ll:
  • see how your connectivity level stacks up to your peers
  • understand how to tackle the next phase in advancing your digital transformation
  • receive resources tailored to your digital maturity, including case studies of Braincube customers

Start the 5-minute assessment now.

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Must-know strategies for manufacturing

The manufacturing technology landscape is ever-changing, with new products and vendors entering the market every year. In such a saturated market, here are three technology “lessons learned” from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Respond faster with automated alerting

React swiftly to changing conditions and troubleshoot effectively with automated alerting. Braincube’s Alerts App allows you to customize notifications for various abnormal behaviors, empowering your teams to make course corrections before issues escalate.

Improve situational awareness with Studio

Braincube’s Studio App is a powerful data analysis and visualization tool that enables you to centralize and visualize all your First Time Right use cases. See how making data intelligence accessible in real-time to everyone in your organization can transform your operational efficiency.