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Digital tools for a First Time Right (FTR) strategy in manufacturing


“First Time Right” (also called FTR) is a critical goal for manufacturers, particularly those in continuous manufacturing. Producing on-spec products is vital for optimizing efficiency to minimize costs. The higher your FTR percentage, the more efficiently you operate, minimizing costs and avoiding unnecessary waste.

Making progress on First Time Right goals is a strenuous endeavor if you’re reliant on manual processes. Understanding optimal operating parameters requires complex, time-consuming analyses (and skilled employees). It’s also difficult to ensure that production teams adhere to the most up-to-date specs when using paper reports or delayed communication tools.

Automating key production elements with digital tools can remove manual errors, reduce variability, and help operators adhere to the correct procedures—regardless of current shop floor conditions.

Digital solutions are your compass to navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing and reach your FTR goals. Download our white paper now to start your journey toward producing batches and products that are right the first time.

In this white paper, you’ll:
  • see how automated digital tools help identify and reduce variation within your processes
  • understand how real-time insights, including alerts and data visualization dashboards, can improve shop floor performance by giving teams vital visibility
  • learn how data visualizations and automated reporting can help operators:
    • stay within set production standards
    • reduce production errors and variability
    • improve First Time Right metrics

Download our informative white paper and discover the digital solutions that can transform your production processes while saving you time, money, and resources.

Download your “First Time Right guide” now!

Get your hands on our comprehensive white paper and discover how to achieve First Time Right (FTR) with digital solutions.

Respond faster with automated alerting

React swiftly to changing conditions and troubleshoot effectively with automated alerting. Braincube’s Alerts App allows you to customize notifications for various abnormal behaviors, empowering your teams to make course corrections before issues escalate.

Case study: automated compliance and quality reporting

Streamline your reporting and traceability with Digital Twins and the Dashboard App. Aubert and Duval, an aerospace manufacturer, achieved a 19% reduction in energy consumption using these tools, simplifying their monthly and weekly reports and saving time.

Improve situation awareness with Studio

Braincube’s Studio App is a powerful data analysis and visualization tool that enables you to centralize and visualize all your First Time Right use cases. See how making data intelligence accessible in real-time to everyone in your organization can transform your operational efficiency.

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