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$1 million saved with enterprise AI analytics

35% reduction in waste with AI


to scale worldwide
saved annually on a single process
facilities utilizing Braincube’s advanced analytics


 A global tire company developed a corporate strategy to scale cost-reduction efforts. They believed that AI could help them expedite their savings toward waste reduction. 

The team had access to production data but struggled to consistently identify the most impactful process parameters that generated waste. They discovered that Braincube’s AI-based analytics tools would help them reduce variability, waste, and costs on a global scale. 

Braincube’s Advanced Analysis App


 Braincube’s CrossRank AI, known for its ability to crunch Big Data in seconds, helped teams isolate the input variables with the most significant impact on waste for a key process. AI also recommended optimal set points for operating at maximum efficiency. 

Once the new standards went live, teams incorporated new data in their AI analyses and made additional optimizations as part of their continuous improvement strategy. These new standards significantly reduced variability within this single process step and resulted in a 35% reduction in waste. The company estimates this will save them over $1 million in one year. 

Establishing—and updating—their global product tagging system enabled the company to streamline Braincube’s implementation at other sites. IT teams developed protocols to ease the transition and scale new technology. Democratizing their data has improved cross-departmental and plant-to-plant collaboration across 20+ worldwide facilities as part of their holistic digital transformation. 

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