What makes something ‘smart’? [Video]

How do manufacturers make their work easier, faster, and more effective? By leveraging a manufacturing platform that continuously structures and contextualizes your data, and comes with ready-to-use apps and Digital Twins.

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Braincube Gives You That Edge

Continuous improvement requires the perfect formula. By identifying patterns and future possibilities, Braincube gives you the edge to beat out your competition.

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Cloud vs Edge–Better Together? [VIDEO]

Often we are asked if industrials should start their digitalization efforts with a cloud or edge solution. While there’s no universal truth, this video dives into what to consider before building your Industry 4.0 roadmap.

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Chart Your Course with Braincube

Learn more about how Braincube helps manufactures take control of their data and transform their operations. Take your siloed data and turn it into clean, actionable information.

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What if your factory made chocolate cake?

How do you repeat your best runs? In the case of making a chocolate cake, how do you ensure quality KPIs are met consistently? Learn how IIoT is used in manufacturing through this short explainer video.

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