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Three things to know about digital twins in manufacturing [Video]

How is industrial data used?
How are digital twins built?
How is a real manufacturer leveraging digital twins today?

Digital twins are leveraged by manufacturers to streamline data preparation, inform continuous improvement, and drive predictive analytics efforts. This powerful tool is transforming industry, but still, many industrials have questions about just how this technology is being used today.

Braincube CTO and Co-founder, Sylvain Rubat Du Merac answers the top three questions about digital twins in this short video.

What are digital twins, and what value do they bring?

Digital twins can make a big difference in helping your manufacturing company push through data fatigue and turn data into your competitive advantage. But what exactly are manufacturing digital twins, and how are they used?

Five foundational pillars for successful digital transformation

Initiating a digital transformation strategy is a big step, and our company needs a long-term plan for a successful transformation. Learn the five key pillars to build a strong foundation for your company’s Industry 4.0 strategy from the ground up.


Different types of digital twins in manufacturing

Digital twins can be built for any part of your process or any physical entity of your production process. In this article, we unpack a few different types of digital twins found in manufacturing, including the pros and cons of each type.

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