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ARC Advisory Group: How IIoT transforms shopfloor to corporate decision-making [Video]

It’s rare a technology can be utilized from the C-suite to the shopfloor. In the case of Braincube’s IIoT, this is the reality. Braincube’s IIoT Platform is transforming how shopfloor employees are making decisions on the line in real-time and helping corporate leaders gain visibility into operating conditions globally.

From raw material utilization to energy management, and improving yield to optimizing OEE, the use cases are endless. Learn how Braincube is transforming industry in this exclusive interview presented by ARC Advisory Group.

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Five maintenance strategies

This white paper breaks down five successful maintenance strategy stages from reactive to predictive. Learn how to advance your current maintenance strategy, including key technologies that can help make your vision a reality.


Braincube’s IIoT Platform

Our platform is enhanced with an advanced business intelligence app suite dedicated to manufacturers leveraging the flexible infrastructure to collect, integrate, and structure your real-time and historical data from IT and OT systems

Kimberly-Clark webinar

Learn how Kimberly-Clark, a leading paper manufacturer that produces consumer paper and personal care products, was able to implement closed-loop production processes by leveraging Braincube’s IIoT Platform and ready-to-use apps.

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