Tips for scaling digital transformation efforts globally

In many ways, scaling digital transformation to more facilities is no different than implementing a new initiative. You’ll still need to motivate employees to work in new ways, hit adoption or usage targets, and make sure projects don’t fizzle out with disinterest.

Even with these similarities, you can scale your digital transformation efforts easier with a few internal changes. Here are five key ways you can make scaling digital transformation tools, procedures, and methodologies to new factories quicker and easier.

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The green route: sustainability in paper and packaging manufacturing

A global shift towards sustainability has a positive impact on the paper and packaging industry, bringing new innovation opportunities front and center. With these changes come some challenges, but they also offer immense growth and cost-savings opportunities—particularly for paper and packaging manufacturers. We’ll unpack it all in this white paper for paper and packaging manufacturers.

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Four Ways Packaging Manufacturers Use IIoT to Solve Their Biggest Challenges

Paper and packaging manufacturers continue to face unprecedented scenarios in a competitive, ever-evolving market. Spending hours finding new optimizations, combing through a busy market of vendors, or relying on spur-of-the-moment decision-making is not an ideal path to success. Here’s how IIoT helps packaging manufacturers address four common challenges to stay competitive and find continued success in this aggressive market.

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Digital Transformation Framework for Executives

Of course, there are many tactical and logistical components that go into kicking off Industry 4.0 initiatives. But if corporate teams want to see widespread and lasting results from digital transformation, they must lead the initiatives and actively participate in the process.

This overarching digital transformation framework can help executives define the value of their company’s journey and set a successful launch strategy.

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