IIoT: 3 pivotal Edge applications

Edge applications are on the rise within the IIoT space, with more and more manufacturers finding value closer to where data is generated. Here are three pivotal Edge applications being used by manufacturers today.

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What are examples of Edge analytics in manufacturing?

Edge analytics is a vital component of manufacturing’s 4.0 landscape with many viable, unique use cases. Explore key Edge analytics examples within the manufacturing ecosystem by looking at use cases in CPG, Paper and Packaging, and Beverage production.

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Autonomous technologies changing manufacturing

Autonomous technologies put data in your employees’ hands that they can use to work faster, more effectively, and with greater impact. Learn more about the autonomous technologies transforming the manufacturing landscape today, including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

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Understanding Edge analytics in manufacturing

Edge analytics is the process of adding intelligence—such as visualization or alerting—to Edge data. Get answers to your top questions about Edge analytics in this introductory article, including how it works and the value it brings your organization.

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