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Trends in Edge analytics for manufacturing

From 5G to wearables, here are the trends shaping the future of Edge analytics

IoT-connected devices are expected to grow 3x by 2025 with the major adopter being manufacturing. In fact, manufacturers are expected to spend nearly $400 billion on IIoT solutions and devices by 2026.

The growing adoption of IoT devices makes Edge analytics all the more valuable and vital. Edge analytics have matured in recent years and a few key trends are emerging. Gain a firmer grasp on these Edge analytics trends and understand their impact on your business.

Five trends shaping the future of Edge analytics are covered in this white paper, including:

  • Importance of 5G connectivity
  • The expanding use cases for Edge analytics
  • Growth in decentralized data environments
  • Improvements in technology integrations
  • Wearable devices for employees

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What is Edge analytics?

Edge analytics is the process of adding intelligence—such as visualization or alerting—to Edge data.

Get answers to your top Edge analytics questions in this introductory article, including how it works and the value it brings your organization.

Meet Braincube’s Edge applications

Edge solutions enable your teams to process data off your line and immediately put it to use. This low latency data helps your shop floor better adapt its strategies on the fly. Applications, designed for Edge data, will give your teams real-time snapshots of what is happening.

Case study: Edge apps in action

Decathlon produces high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective retail athletic products. In order to accelerate their digitalization efforts, Decathlon sought an Edge solution to provide insight into daily performance through streaming data.

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