IIoT in paper manufacturing: reducing costs, waste, and more

IIoT improves Oji Paper’s manufacturing processes

IIoT tools and technologies are on the rise in paper manufacturing. When Oji Paper implemented Braincube, it faced a great challenge: reduce paper production costs while still increasing its market share.

Braincube provides process engineers with powerful Big Data tools to analyze the connections between all the process variables…This is a great benefit for process specialists, helping them to make and implement the right decisions.”  

— Lincoln Tsuruta, Process Engineer at Oji Paper 

Using Braincube’s Digital Twin and Advanced App suite, the Oji team was able to establish new standard settings for a few of their key processes. The result? Increased stability and significant cost savings.

Read this case study flipbook to see how this paper manufacturing powerhouse used IIoT tools to break through long-lasting challenges and find new success.

Download this paper manufacturing IIoT case study

Learn more about how Oji Paper reduced consumption by 10%, plus other improvements. Click the button to download the full case study flipbook.

Meet sustainability goals with IIoT

In this white paper, geared exclusively to paper and packaging manufacturers, you’ll discover the different catalysts driving sustainability for European and US packaging plants, as well as commonalities shared by these markets.

We’ll also explore how Industry 4.0 technologies can help paper and packaging companies meet—and exceed—their sustainability goals.

Four ways packaging manufacturers use IIoT to solve challenges

Paper and packaging manufacturers continue to face unprecedented scenarios in a competitive, ever-evolving market. Digital solutions can help paper and packaging companies solve their biggest challenges. 

See how IIoT helps packaging manufacturers address four common challenges to stay competitive and find continued success in this aggressive market. 

Resources for paper and packaging manufacturers

Braincube has worked with paper and packaging manufacturers since our inception.

These case studies and articles illustrate how our IIoT Platform and Advanced Apps help paper manufacturers use data to reduce cost, minimize waste, and gain market share.