Edge Platform

React and adapt in a flash with Edge analytics


Edge solutions enable your teams to process data off your line and immediately put it to use. This low latency data helps your shop floor better adapt its strategies on the fly. BI Applications, designed for Edge data, will give your teams real-time snapshots of what is happening.

Edge Analytics: Improve in real-time for immediate results

Edge platform and analytics on ipad

Immediate visibility into live conditions

The Edge solution is a plug-and-play technology that shows you what’s happening on your line without a delay. This live data can be used to view critical parameters so that you can sustain or make corrective adjustments to hot data as it’s happening in production.

Constant real-time monitoring and insights

Better access to your data allows your team to keep round-the-clock views of what’s happening for on-site time applications, especially when an event is occurring locally.

Braincube Edge Platform Benefits

Quick to set up and deploy

Your edge data is immediately available after your OT deployment. This do-it-yourself approach gives you insights into your conditions, without relying on the latency from the cloud or other systems that have long delays. Because the Edge Platform is a plug-and-play solution, you have a low-cost solution to take you one step closer to your full digital transformation.

Built-in personalization 

Use Braincube’s Edge Platform to configure data flows, apps, and user profiles to expand your data use throughout your organization.¬†Users including operators, engineers, and managers have full autonomy to access streaming data at any time for increased visibility into your processes.

Braincube Edge platform and analytics on desktop viewed by engineers
Man looking at Braincube Edge platform reporting on laptop

Applications built for the Edge

Braincube Edge Analytics Applications provide you with the latest and greatest tools for connectivity, data transformation, shop floor visualization, and analysis. Use Edge Applications like Snapshot, Counter, or Reporting to gain new insights into your process.