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Proven cost-saving solutions for improved throughput


For many operations managers, throughput is often a successful indicator of your production line. Accurately measuring your throughput allows you to identify weak links in the process.

Implementing IIoT solutions in your factory can significantly enhance workflow, increase throughput, and reduce costs. For example, data visualization tools allow your teams to access valuable insights in real-time that can improve uptime and stabilize processes, resulting in fewer bottlenecks and less unplanned downtime.

In this white paper, we outline effective strategies and tools for Ops leaders to improve throughput and achieve cost-saving goals more efficiently.

In this white paper, you’ll:
  • read how leading manufacturers achieved rapid throughput time-to-value with IIoT solutions, including a 25% improvement in throughput
  • discover the positive trickle-up impact of improving throughput within your facilities
  • explore the tangible ROI benefits of real-time monitoring and data analysis technologies
  • discover how data visualization tools can help teams improve process stabilization and centerlining, resulting in significant cost savings

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Case study: ofi improves throughput by 25% by stabilizing their processes

Ofi’s teams quickly uncovered key findings that resulted in a perfect 100% quality score, faster production, and improved customer satisfaction using Braincube’s data visualization solutions.

Choosing the right condition monitoring software

The right condition-monitoring software lets you track machine performance remotely, giving you real-time data to boost efficiency and productivity.

Data visualization solutions

Data access and visibility are stepping stones to data-driven manufacturing. Braincube’s data visualization applications make it easy for anyone at your organization to access and understand the most important historical and up-to-date information.