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Energy company saves $1 million with advanced AI analysis


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improvement in the distillation process
in savings on a single process
less maintenance per year

Energy Company X* was looking to expand its Industry 4.0 initiatives. The company produces additives for lubricating oils and fuels as a business unit for a leading global energy producer.

The production processes for these additives are highly complex. The Continuous Improvement team knew that they could leverage their cumulative human experience with Braincube’s AI, Digital Twins, and Advanced Applications to find new discoveries in their data.

Braincube’s Advanced Analysis App

Although the teams already had access to data visualization tools, historians, and other tools for analysis, they needed to build a perfect data set to encompass their process from raw materials to finished products.

Using the data they were already collecting, they worked with their Braincube team to get an advanced analysis of their process by-product flow. Braincube’s Advanced OI Apps use Digital Twins to help users uncover new opportunities in data.

In just a few short months, Energy Company X used Braincube to improve their distillation process by 36%, exceeding their initial target by 16%. In two years, they have saved over $1 million on this process alone, plus established standardized production procedures at multiple facilities to reduce cost and waste.

Read more about Energy Company X’s story—and the Braincube tools that made it happen—in the full version of the case study.

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