Scaling Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas

Leveraging Industrial IIoT (IIoT) in the Energy industry

Pinched by diminishing demands on one end and reduced revenue on the other end, there has never been a more pressing—or necessary—time for oil and gas manufacturers to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies. 

This white paper explores some of the core technologies—Digital Twins, Industrial IoT Platforms, Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and more—that accompany digital transformation. 

We also unpack how these tools can help energy companies overcome their biggest challenges today: shrinking the skills gap, zero-emissions efforts, and more.

After reading this white paper, you will better understand:
  • the unique challenges that energy companies face when adopting Industry 4.0
  • where most energy companies fall in terms of digital maturity—and how to address the gaps that may exist at your organization
  • the role that self-service analytics plays in employee empowerment and the rise of the citizen data scientist
  • how IIoT can help oil and gas companies address some of their biggest challenges today, including:
    • reaching zero-emissions goals
    • a widening skills gap between technical and non-technical teams, as well as between tenured and incoming employees
    • improving Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) efforts

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Energy companies: IIoT case studies

Real-time alerting and Big Data AI/ML can help Energy manufacturers uncover new production possibilities. They can also react to issues faster, which ultimately reduces risks, improves yield, and helps teams remain compliant.

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The state of 4.0 in Oil and Gas

As more oil and gas companies gear up for Industry 4.0 in the wake of COVID-19, it’s important to reflect upon the industry’s current state of digitalization. How did we get here and where are we heading? 

We explore the current state of IIoT in the Oil and Gas industry: what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how you can be on the right side of the shift.

Citizen Data Scientists: fueling oil and gas data analytics

Energy companies face two major personnel challenges when it comes to data analytics. The first is a lack of technical employees. The second is a lack of time for technical teams to perform the tasks on their plates. 

Oil and gas producers are uniquely primed to address their growing data analytics issues with Citizen Data Scientists. Here’s why.