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Ebook: How to utilize Industrial DataOps for maximum efficiency

Enhance your organization’s operational efficiency, save costs, and boost employee morale

Industrial DataOps is how your employees utilize your data, which is a crucial aspect of data management and Industry 4.0 initiatives. With the increasing number of IoT devices, manufacturers now have access to more data solutions to efficiently gather and optimize their data throughout their enterprises.

By implementing DataOps, you can greatly enhance your organization’s operational efficiency, save costs, and boost employee morale. This is achieved by placing emphasis on data democratization and self-service technologies. By streamlining your data pipeline, you can also improve your flexibility and gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s data flow.

How can we implement DataOps? Why is data management important? Can it unify IT/OT teams? What are the benefits?

We’ll explore answers to all these questions in this exclusive ebook focused on how DataOps tools help you break through data inefficiencies and build a strong data culture—now and in the future.

In this ebook, you’ll:
  • learn why implementing DataOps is beneficial to a successful digital
  • understand the importance of data management
  • read a use case about implementation and how to unify IT/OT teams
  • better understand the difference between data consumers and data producers

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Understanding Industrial DataOps

DataOps is growing in popularity and may soon become mainstream in Industry. Understanding DataOps and its benefits can be imperative to your organization’s digital transformation.

Scaling Industry 4.0 use case: Sappi

Sappi utilized top-notch analytics software and their own knowledge to successfully expand from a pilot phase to a worldwide digital transformation, ultimately improving their data capabilities.


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