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CPG company achieves 30% OEE improvement by reducing micro-stops

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increase in OEE
decrease in weekend shifts
product assembly combinations in a highly complex process


A series of frequent, unplanned downtimes drove increasing production costs and impacted OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) at a global CPG manufacturer. Teams couldn’t access the right data, making it difficult to improve uptime. As a result, the company had to implement weekend shifts to meet customer demands. These shifts were costly and negatively 

With fully automated assembly lines, they needed each machine running at optimal efficiency to avoid stops of the entire line. This complexity and a lack of centralized, prepared data made it difficult for teams to meet production demands. The company had to identify the root causes of these breakdowns to reduce labor costs and meet delivery windows.

The company wanted a diagnostic tool to help determine why and where machines were underperforming. With better visibility into real-time production conditions, they could reduce unplanned downtime and labor costs while still meeting customer demands.


Braincube solutions provide teams with up-to-the-minute process information, including live alerts enabling them to react faster when production is off-course. Shop floor visibility and newly-optimized production standards enabled the CPG company to improve its OEE score by more than 30% in a short time frame. 

Screeenshot of Braincube's Charts Application
Braincube’s Charts App

Teams also use the Braincube Charts App to display performance in production meetings, reporting, and root cause analysis. The app’s easy-to-comprehend visualization dashboards facilitate data autonomy at the plant level.  

The company has significantly improved uptime and can now meet production demands during the standard work week. As a result, they eliminated their weekend shifts—a win that saves the company money and reduces employee burnout.

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