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Learn how top meat companies use Braincube to make it easier to understand complex industrial data.

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At Fieldale Farms, you are likely tackling these challenges

  • Operational efficiency

    Operational efficiency

    The daily operational challenges for meat processors are complex; variations in raw materials, lengthy processing, and yield management across variable or fixed weight products make it difficult to maximize profitability.

    Braincube’s solutions for meat processors leverage digital production standards that adapt to your current product performance. Display these on the shop floor to improve throughput and yield while providing your team with informed decisions in real-time.

  • Improving quality and traceability

    Improving quality and traceability

    Today’s consumers and regulators demand transparency on where food comes from, how it is handled during production, and automated response systems for any mishap. Automated product tracking helps you to maintain the quality of your beef, chicken, or pork during production.

    Braincube’s live monitoring surfaces any quality deviation so that your teams can proactively respond to drifts without having the scrap your run. All of this is captured and organized for additional optimizations and for farm to fork traceability.

  • Process control and optimization

    Process control and optimization

    Day-to-day management of meat processing often doesn’t leave you much time to review all manufacturing processes for inefficiencies. With rising ingredient and input costs, chances are that the pressure is mounting to find new ways to reduce costs.

    Braincube gives you the data you need to control, adjust, and optimize production. Then, with a few clicks, push updates to the shop floor to adjust temperature, grinding speed, or slicing time, helping you use agility to reduce waste and improve output.

How Braincube can solve these problems


Uncover hidden opportunities to drive improvements in quality and overall process efficiency.


Standardize process monitoring and controls for full process visibility and improved operator compliance.


Discover how digital twins revolutionize factory decision-making, driving efficiency for forward-thinking manufacturers.

Strategic Account Executive

Kelton Loper

Kelton has been assisting manufacturers in navigating the industry 4.0 landscape for the past several years. An MBA graduate and an Innovation Engineering Black Belt, Kelton possesses the knowledge, hands-on experience, and innovative passion for assisting industrials with their biggest problems. Whether democratizing access to data, stabilizing processes, or leveraging advanced analytics, the goal is always helping manufacturing leaders stay ahead of the curve. Outside of the office, you can find Kelton testing his fly fishing skills on a Maine river or skiing somewhere in the New England mountains.