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Learn how top food companies use Braincube to make it easier to understand complex industrial data.

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At Conagra, you are likely tackling these challenges

  • Quality management

    Quality management

    Ensure the highest quality throughout every step of the manufacturing process with plant-wide quality dashboards and automated quality control detection to uncover hidden opportunities for process improvements.
  • Process control and optimization

    Process control and optimization

    Reduce process variability by modeling your operations and deriving predictions to enable closed loop control of your current process systems. Improve batch consistency and identify deviation before they ever happen.
  • Improving throughput

    Improving throughput

    Maximize production output at a per product and per-line basis and receive prescriptive recommendations on ways to improve throughput as well as alerts for relevant team members when conditions arise that could threaten quality or production rates.

How Braincube can solve these problems


Uncover hidden opportunities to drive improvements in quality and overall process efficiency.


Standardize process monitoring and controls for full process visibility and improved operator compliance.


Discover how digital twins revolutionize factory decision-making, driving efficiency for forward-thinking manufacturers.

Business Solutions Advisor

Miranda Panico

Miranda’s mission is to empower manufacturers in optimizing data processes, and her dedication to this cause is evident in every conversation. From director-level executives to front-line workers, she thrives on engaging with individuals at all levels, understanding their needs, and collaboratively developing solutions. With a background in sales and marketing, Miranda combines her industry expertise with a meticulous and genuine approach to relationship building. Hailing from the picturesque state of Maine, her love for the beaches of her hometown is reflected in her warm and approachable demeanor.