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Learn how top semiconductor companies use Braincube to make it easier to understand complex industrial data.

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At X-FAB, you are likely tackling these challenges

  • Stay on-spec and within budget

    Stay on-spec and within budget

    Repeatably hit strict customer specifications at the lowest possible operating costs. Decrease scrap and production costs by identifying optimal production parameters for each semiconductor. Advanced reporting and real-time visualization tools improve operator compliance for greater production efficiency.
  • Improve quality and customer satisfaction

    Improve quality and customer satisfaction

    Braincube-powered Digital Twins provide teams with a comprehensive production blueprint for every single semiconductor produced. Deliver customers extensive quality reports based on individual product serial codes, validating the reliability of each product you deliver.

How Braincube can solve these problems


Uncover hidden opportunities to drive improvements in quality and overall process efficiency.


Standardize process monitoring and controls for full process visibility and improved operator compliance.


Discover how digital twins revolutionize factory decision-making, driving efficiency for forward-thinking manufacturers.

Business Solutions Advisor

Lorry Correia

As an former engineer, I’m fascinated by tomorrow’s industrial challenges. Since 2007, Braincube has been helping industrials to disrupt the way they drive their manufacturing processes. Production data is precious, and our goal is to enable manufacturers to become highly competitive by leveraging their data to its full potential.