The Five Foundational Pillars for Successful Digital Transformation

How to plan for long-term success on the winding road of Industry 4.0.

Simply choosing to adopt an Industry 4.0 initiative does not guarantee success. A special report by Forbes indicates that upwards of 80% of companies fail at digital transformation. 

While initiating a digital transformation strategy is a big step, it’s only the first step. Your company needs a long-term road map for a successful transformation.

In this exclusive white paper (written by Braincube transformation experts), you’ll learn the five key pillars to build a strong foundation for your company’s Industry 4.0 strategy from the ground up.

How to Select the Right IIoT Vendor

Selecting an IIoT solution that aligns with your business goals is crucial for digital transformation success. Learn more about the different solutions provided by different types of IIoT vendors before starting your pilot program.

Data: the New Industrial Waste

Today’s companies face problems far beyond Taïchi Ohno’s seven wastes of Lean manufacturing. The enemies of today’s manufacturing world are indecision and delay.

Laurent Laporte, CEO and Co-Founder of Braincube, makes the case for how digital transformation enables companies to stay competitive and empowers manufacturing’s human workforce.

AI, Digital Twins,
and the Future of Manufacturing

On this episode of Emerj’s AI in Business podcast, Braincube CEO and co-founder Laurent Laporte and host Dan Faggella run through hot topics in manufacturing including machine learning, digital twins, and digital transformation.