Braincube's Digital Twin

Continuously updated with the exact conditions of each finished product

A Digital Twin in manufacturing is used to uncover root cause, identify and prevent defects, optimize processes, evolve predictive maintenance strategies, and more. Even so, not all manufacturing Digital Twins are the same.


A Braincube-powered Digital Twin is automatically built for every product, serial number, or batch that is produced. The Digital Twin follows the entire process flow, accounting for all production variables. This includes system data, supplier information, sensor data during production, raw materials, quality data, and more. Exact lag times are automatically added to all of this data for the most accurate, relevant, and comprehensive Digital Twin.

From here, the data is formatted into a dynamic digital replica of the exact production process. This data can be accessed directly from Braincube’s Smart IIoT Platform, making it possible to start uncovering real value and opportunities, using Braincube’s wide array of advanced applications. 

Leverage your Digital Twin to:

Optimize production
Find new revenue streams
Personalize products
Perform predictive maintenance
Improve quality and customer satisfaction
Easily trace each product from start to finish

What is a Digital Twin in Manufacturing?

The Digital Twin is the contextualized database based on your exact manufacturing process. It is based on every product you produce and serve as a single source of truth.

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The Value of a Product Digital Twin

Braincube’s Digital Twin was designed for manufacturing. Our Digital Twin is built by product—creating an exact replica of your entire production process. This makes it possible to leverage Digital Twin data in your IIoT Platform (or outside of it!) for several manufacturing use cases: quality inspection, supply chain coordination, or Big Data and AI/Machine Learning uses for problem-solving.

In our industry, we need to reduce cost. We knew there are lots of opportunities hidden by the high levels of noise, lag, and variation in lag. Braincube offered us a means for cutting through the dense fog created by those factors.

— Braincube Customer


Continuously updated with relevant data and accurate lag time


Leverage this data fast in ready-to-use Advanced Apps


Centralized in your Smart IIoT Platform

How a Braincube Digital Twin is Built

  1. A dedicated project management team
  2. Data extraction from your existing systems (ERP, Historian, etc.)
  3. Strategic modeling to understand your metadata tagging
  4. Process mapping with lag time and flow calculations
  5. Ingestion into our middleware so our proprietary algorithms can contextualize your data

Braincube is an exceptional product for identifying critical relationships in very complex industrial processes that have high levels of variation and lag as well as high levels of variation in the lag. It enables users to be extremely efficient and effective when analyzing processes. In addition to the advanced analytics there is also a fully integrated system (Braincube Live) designed for effective process management. 

— Braincube Customer

Digital Twins in Action

Sappi, a leading pulp and paper manufacturer, continuously builds and updates Digital Twins.  They’ve worked with Braincube to create ~165 Digital Twin blueprints across 18 mills within a 3-year time period. Thousands of automated Digital Twins are now available for scaling their digital transformation globally.

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Common Digital Twin Questions

What purpose do Digital Twins serve in Manufacturing?

Digital Twins are a critical and complementary important layer of your industrial transformation strategy. A Braincube-powered Digital Twins live within your Braincube IIoT Platform, providing an easy, secure, centralized database that can be accessed from anywhere you have an industrial network.

How are Digital Twins built?

To understand the opportunities your Braincube Digital Twins bring, it’s critical to understand how they are made. Braincube-built Digital Twins are built by product. This means that each process parameter for every single product (e.g. batch, serial number, sku, or individual product) is automatically created and available for 24/7 access.

What is the time-to-value of Digital Twins?

Once built and approved, your Digital Twins give you instantaneous access to a perfect database of product-level information. Our customers emphasize that their Digital Twins help them understand why something happened, what improvements to make, and how to scale that success.