Condition monitoring

With greater access to real-time plant conditions, teams can react and troubleshoot faster, reduce downtime, and improve operational efficiency. Braincube’s condition monitoring applications help you track asset performance, OEE, production conditions, compliance, and other critical factory floor data—from anywhere in the world.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring apps


Use the Counter App to monitor real-time production counts and defect rates on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Following current conditions enables teams to quickly monitor and address quality issues, resulting in less waste and improved customer satisfaction. 


Monitor live production conditions, display standards, and track events in real time with the comprehensive Live app. Its intuitive live dial display allows operators to adapt to changing specs for better compliance and reporting. The app also records out-of-spec monitored variables for simplified commenting, categorization, and reporting.

Machine Status

The Machine Status App monitors and displays live machine performance, tracking uptime, and unplanned and planned downtime. The app also creates an automated report of the average time spent in each status by day, week, month, or year, making it easy to understand performance and improve your maintenance strategy.


Automated real-time OEE calculations and other performance metrics help you to understand asset performance at any time. You’ll also receive insights on why you are underperforming in real time, making it easy to adjust your shop floor strategies.

Use Cases

Conditional Monitoring use cases

  • Comprehensive process and performance monitoring

    Comprehensive process and performance monitoring

    Transformative operational changes happen with access to the right data. Braincube’s self-service applications ensure that shop floor teams can monitor for drifts, stay up-to-date with the correct standards, and maintain compliance. Arjowiggins, a specialty paper manufacturer, wanted an operational solution that enabled them to use process data in more meaningful ways. The company implemented Braincube’s tools across all of its operations teams. Managers monitor compliance, operators can access the latest rules in one centralized application, and engineers can push optimized standards directly to the shop floor.

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“Braincube is an indispensable tool for understanding processes. Braincube made it possible for us to change our paradigm and find a ‘smart’ way to use all our available data.”

— Jacques Pierucci

Graphic Branch Senior Process Expert at Arjowiggins