Cloud + Edge

Complete your data feedback loop


To get the most valuable gains from digitalization, a full cloud architecture is needed to transform your Big Data into information. You need the Edge for your high-frequency data and you need the Cloud for your historical, structured data.


Problem-Solve for Optimal Solutions

Use your valuable structured historical data in the cloud to problem solve, innovate, and find optimal set points. Easy access to your data is available for your teams at any time to complete short and long-term projects to reduce cost and risk or to innovate.


Real-Time Data Collection

Use your Cloud to Edge Data connection to get a full picture of what’s happening in your factories, and on your lines.


Create a culture of data driven decisions

Braincube will help you build the infrastructure for a data driven culture. The Cloud-Edge solution gives you the ability to take control of your low frequency data and capitalize on your structured cloud data.


Braincube Apps Manager

This cloud-based environment is where you manage and monitor IoT Servers and apps. It brings your production teams real-time data collection, processing, and monitoring all in a centralized location.