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The engineer’s guide to multivariate analysis: unlocking data relationships

The day-to-day work of manufacturing engineers is growing more complex every day. Traditional analytics tools—like PowerBI and Excel—have limitations when it comes to comprehensive analyses. These traditional tools (and the human brain) can’t holistically analyze the layered relationships that exist within manufacturing data sets.

This is where multivariate analysis comes into play. By automating key steps within the analytical process—for example, data contextualization and solving for multiobjective outcomes—engineers can rapidly reduce the effort they spend conducting analyses. Engineers can use multivariate analysis to get more precise results, which in turn drive more impactful outcomes.

By unraveling the complex relationships that exist between manufacturing variables, engineers (and operations teams!) can use multivariate analysis to break free from assumptions and biases, moving the entire organization toward data-driven efficiencies.

This white paper outlines key ways—and proven tools—to uncover deep process optimizations effortlessly. Download this white paper if you want to drive better, more precise results with less effort.

Download this white paper now to:

  • explore the different roles that time series data sets and contextualized data sets play in performing predictive and prescriptive analyses
  • see how the right database structure enables engineers to pinpoint root causes, optimization opportunities, and more
  • uncover how engineers can save time and effort with AI-assisted multivariate analysis tools
  • get a detailed overview of technologies that improve data accuracy, automate data preparation, and perform Industrial AI-assisted analyses

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