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Overcoming stalled 4.0 efforts: elastomer manufacturer case study


Despite having a digital transformation roadmap for some time, a global elastomer company struggled to expand its 4.0 projects and initiatives across every region. Isolated use cases and a lack of a unified corporate strategy made it difficult for teams to rally around common goals.

Working with their Braincube team, the company was able to revolutionize its approach to 4.0 tools and strategies. They built a strong data competency foundation and aligned multiple teams and sites around a common quality goal.

Now as they work to bring in advanced technologies like AI and ML, they have a clearer path to success and can visualize their autonomous factory goals.

In this elastomer manufacturer case study, you’ll:
  • learn how executive teams can reverse plateaued 4.0 projects and realign teams on digital transformation efforts
  • gain insights into best practices for building (or revising) a master data strategy
  • see how leveling-up the data competency skills of employees can have a major impact on your 4.0 goals and initiatives

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