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Optimize Your Production Settings Using Current and Forecasted Weather Conditions


Holistic insights for your production conditions

Braincube now incorporates historical and real-time weather data into your contextualized production data for enhanced analysis and recommendations. This feature improves production analysis and provides actionable recommendations adapted to your live production conditions. Use these insights to implement the best settings—recommended from AI analysis—for current operating conditions.

Hydrometry, temperature, dew point, and even atmospheric pressure can impact your production conditions and ultimately the final product quality. Taking this data into account can help improve your performance and product quality, resulting in more consistent and reliable production outcomes.

Atmospheric pressure, outdoor temperatures, and precipitation often impact industrial KPIs. Thanks to the availability of this data in Braincube, you can go beyond simply measuring this impact: you can anticipate it for your process standards.

— Vincent Barjaud, Braincube Consultant

Key Features:

  • Incorporate historical and actual weather data into AI analysis for better analysis and a more accurate Digital Twin
  • Incorporate actual and forecasted weather data to get recommendations adapted to production in real-time

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