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Improving chemical manufacturing processes with IIoT


Digital transformation is on the rise within the chemical industry. In a recent survey from Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA), over 60% of chemical CEOs see digital transformation as a primary company-wide strategic focus over the next two years. 

But moving ahead with digital transformation can be intimidating. What projects or processes should you tackle first? What level of ROI should you expect?

Laying out a roadmap for 4.0 is easier when you can visualize real-life scenarios that resonate with your industry and goals. This white paper provides chemical manufacturers with tangible examples of how IIoT can improve specific production processes. We also explore the specific technologies utilized and why they are a good fit for a particular goal or process.

In this white paper, you’ll:
  • see how IIoT can be used to improve certain processes within chemical manufacturing, including spray drying and distillation
  • gain a better understanding of how key IIoT technologies play a role in chemical manufacturing, including:
    • Digital Twins
    • IIoT Platforms
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Self-service applications designed for all users
  • read a customer story from a global chemical manufacturer, including the ROI they saw from using IIoT within their processes

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