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1min February 16, 2022 1min Feb 16, 2022
February 16, 2022 1 minute read

IIoT Podcast: Value of IIoT in achieving joint IT and OT business objectives

Braincube CEO and co-founder, Laurent Laporte, joined the experts at IoT ONE to unpack the power of an IIoT platform. Whether it’s paper manufacturing, aeronautics, or another industry, IIoT unlocks the opportunity for IT and OT leaders to reach their goals.

Key topics covered:

  • How does an IIoT platform enable IT and OT leaders to overcome the challenges they are facing?
  • What are some real examples of how IIoT is leveraged by major manufacturers today?
  • What value do IT and OT leaders get from IIoT?
  • What sets Braincube’s IIoT Platform apart from others in the marketplace?

Listen to the full podcast

Looking for the transcript? Visit IoT ONE to read now.

About the speaker

Laurent Laporte is the President and CEO of Braincube. He received his MSc in Engineering and Manufacturing Arts at Métiers University, France’s first engineering school. Laurent worked as a process engineer, production manager, plant manager, and Operations Director in France, Italy, and the USA.

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