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How much does IIoT cost? A breakdown of common IIoT prices and plans


Digital transformation is a lot more than a budget line item. Even so, one thing floats to the top of any manufacturer’s mind when evaluating IIoT solutions: cost.

With over 600 vendors providing IIoT solutions in today’s marketplace, it’s a challenge to identify and select the right platform for your company. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution: it’s up to each organization to find an IIoT platform that meets their needs—at the right price.

With a wide array of IIoT options also comes a wide array of costs. Different pricing models, add-ons, and specific technologies all factor into the final price you’ll pay.

This white paper breaks down some of the biggest factors impacting the cost of an IIoT platform and highlight key things to look for in pricing contracts. We also offer advice on how to evaluate what you truly need for early 4.0 initiatives, which can lead to significant savings as you get started.

In this white paper, you’ll:
  • gain insights into a variety of IIoT platform pricing structures
  • learn what services and offerings to ask about when evaluating different IIoT vendors’ pricing outlines, including:
    • site deployment costs
    • data storage expenses
    • integration and maintenance services
    • hidden add-ons and fees
  • better understand why IIoT platforms are priced so differently—and how to evaluate a given product’s true value

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