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Four IIoT tools that improve sustainability in manufacturing


Regardless of the motivation, sustainability in manufacturing is no longer optional: it’s a mandate.

Sustainability isn’t just about how a product is packaged or transported. Instead, sustainability refers to the end-to-end product process, including all of the factors that went into making a product: steam, recycled materials, greenhouse gases, energy consumption, etc.

Reducing waste, chemical consumption, energy use, water use, and other production costs not only saves money. These changes are vital to the sustainability efforts of industrials.

While most manufacturers know that they should aim to be more sustainable, they are looking for more information on how to track and measure their efforts.

This white paper covers four digital tools that can be used to help manufacturers implement sustainable practices.

In this white paper on sustainability in manufacturing, you’ll learn about key IIoT technologies including:
  • Digital Twins
  • AI algorithms
  • Data mining
  • Self-service analytics apps

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