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CPG customer: 90% compliance and sustainable energy savings

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A large paper products manufacturer—with distribution to more than 175 countries—came to Braincube for help meeting their energy reduction and sustainability goals. Their first initiative was to reduce steam consumption.

Energy consumption consisted of 15-20% of the total production cost of their paper products. Optimizing their entire process would reduce overall cost, increase efficiency, and reduce water use.

“[Braincube] is a very good process diagnostics feature that allows you to correlate variables for process improvement or even troubleshooting.”

— Braincube Customer

With more than 200 process parameters used to make this paper product, it’s a complex process to understand and optimize. In addition, former analyses showed no correlations between steam consumption and process parameters.

Braincube worked with this company to create a digital twin of their entire production process using two years of historically-collected data. In addition to calculating the lag time, Braincube aggregated and contextualized the company’s data. This provided the company’s engineers with a perfect data set for analysis.

Using Braincube’s Advanced Analysis App, the company was able to isolate the most critical parameters that impacted energy consumption. This enabled them to evaporate more tons of water while using less energy. For example, the company can evaporate 5.3 tons of water using the same amount of energy they previously used to evaporate 4.9 tons of water. Braincube’s AI prescribed the exact settings needed to operate at prime efficiency.

Braincube’s Advanced Analysis App

This information was pushed to the control room with live instructions to help operators stay within maximum compliance. Not only did the company see a substantial increase in their saved energy, but they also saw an improvement in operator compliance.

Given this company’s focus on sustainability, it was beneficial for them to achieve less waste. Braincube’s analytics tools pinpointed the exact combination of settings to optimize their end-to-end manufacturing process. Additionally, by using Braincube, they can continue refining and optimizing their production lines to achieve better results.

More than two years after implementing Braincube, they are still seeing sustainable energy-saving gains.

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