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March 24, 2022 2 minute read

Contextualized data leads to improved sustainability at Dow


Dow Chemical wanted to enhance its energy efficiency. However, with production data living in different systems, teams struggled to effectively analyze their production data.

The company implemented Braincube to structure and contextualize its steam, gas, and power data from disparate units and systems. Dow uses Braincube as an all-in-one analysis tool to efficiently analyze large datasets, identify underlying causes of unexpected events, and improve overall performance.

As Dow continues their sustainability journey, teams will continue utilizing Braincube to achieve its global energy efficiency goals.

In this case study, you’ll:
  • understand how Dow Chemical can better utilize data with Braincube
  • learn how Dow’s teams improved energy efficiency by leveraging Braincube’s CrossRank AI
  • see how self-service AI tools empowered Dow’s teams to optimize processes and deliver immediate improvements

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