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Advanced analytics for problem resolution and autonomous equipment efficiencies


Arjowiggins, the world-leading manufacturer of creative and technical papers, was searching for an analytical solution to help them utilize their data more meaningfully. They found this—and more—in Braincube.

Over the past fifteen years, Arjowiggins has implemented Braincube at all production levels. Their operators, engineers, and workshop managers continue to save time and evolve their Braincube use for performance monitoring and analysis, with a particular focus on energy use.

For example, their engineers use Braincube to complete studies on problem resolution, resulting in both improved processes and more efficient workflows.

Braincube’s advanced AI analysis algorithms helped Arjowiggins’ team solve specific problems. This resulted in greater efficiency for SMEs and optimized processes that saved the company money. These tools have helped the company move beyond treating IIoT as “software” and adopt a data-driven culture shift.

In this case study, you’ll:
  • understand how Arjowiggins utilized an advanced analysis toolset to optimize processes, uncover solutions to recurring problems, and save teams valuable time
  • learn how Braincube “treats analysis from a different approach than generating a normal statistical model,” according to one of Arjowiggins’ Senior Process Experts
  • see how a high-performing company uses Digital Twin data coming from autonomous equipment in a more meaningful way

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