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Manufacturing is feeling the pressure to reduce costs, improve customer experience, and increase OEE due to increased competition. As a result, industrials are undertaking a digital transformation to gain access to insights and optimizations through their production data. Completing a successful digital transformation is not as easy as making the choice to start.

Receive the resources to transform your use of data in pursuit of Industry 4.0. By subscribing to this course, you will get a new piece of content weekly on digital transformation. This includes insights and real-world learnings from industry experts and SMEs who have undertaken a digital transformation themselves.

What’s included in this free resource?

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1. Digital Maturity Assessment

Before you get started, it’s important to understand where you currently stand. Our Digital Maturity Assessment will be the first step in this process. The assessment will gauge where your company currently stacks up in digital connection and data use against your peers. These results will allow us to tailor your course for more personalized content.

2. Weekly Curated Content

The right information at the right time. No more downloading white papers, saving them to your desktop and hoping you remember to read them later. The 7-Week Course to Digital Transformation is a weekly email reminder with access to exclusive content from experts you can trust.

3. Access to a Solutions Expert

The path to Industry 4.0 is a winding, complex roadway. Our team of solutions experts are here if you need us on your journey to digital transformation. Read something interesting in the weekly course and want to learn more? We’ve got it! 🙋‍♂️ Interested in being connected with one of the SMEs featured in your resource? Reach out! đź’» đź“ž 

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