Cheat Sheet: The Five Pillars for Successful Transformation

This free infographic “cheat sheet” introduces the five foundational pillars you’ll want to implement for a solid an Industry 4.0 strategy. Use these pillars to design a long-term digital transformation strategy that carries you through implementation and helps you maintain momentum.

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7 Steps to Make a Case for Industry 4.0

Presenting a new tool or procedure to your management team often results in resistance, ranging from lack of funds to an unclear return on investment (ROI).

Here are some helpful tips for building a convincing case for your executive team to bring an IIoT digital transformation tool to your business strategy.

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How to Choose Your IIoT Platform Vendor

Before you begin an IIoT pilot program, learn more about the different solutions provided by different types of IIoT vendors. Selecting an IIoT solution that aligns with your business goals is crucial for digital transformation success.

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