SAS and Braincube: Integrated Suite of Advanced Applications

Increase your analytical power through our seamless integration with SAS

Leverage the platform and applications your company already knows and loves. Bring together the best of Braincube and SAS with our seamless integration with SAS.

Braincube’s Smart IIoT Platform provides a centralized location to leverage your cleansed streaming and cloud data. Use our Factory App Suite to drill down into meaningful data. You can extract actionable insights that improve cost savings, time spent, quality, and more.

By integrating Braincube with SAS, the world’s leading Advanced Analytics & AI company, your analytical power expands. Incorporating additional advanced analytics apps will bring your continuous improvement efforts to the next level. Together, make the best decisions possible and unearth opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Learn more about Braincube’s Smart IIoT Platform integration with SAS Advanced Analytics Apps.

SAS & Braincube Integration Benefits


Powerful reports for manufacturers

Uncover value quickly through Braincube and SAS apps with access to continuously cleansed data streams on Edge and Cloud. Build customizable reports, alerts, models, and more through a centralized Smart IIoT Platform to drive your continuous improvement efforts forward.

Two systems, seamless integration

In a matter of weeks, you can integrate your cleansed data from Braincube with SAS applications. Instantly gain access to the best of both worlds and grow your toolbox with additional advanced analytics, modeling, and AI tools. You can drive prescriptive maintenance, yield optimizations, and more.


Uncover hidden opportunities through AI

Using a single platform, with well-integrated technology, easily connect to industrial data sources, automate the building of advanced mathematical algorithms, and push the results back to the engineers and process operators. Leverage AI to dramatically decrease the time-to-value of high-impact use cases.

Use Case: Seamless, Closed-loop Production

Leverage advanced applications through your Smart IIoT Platform to democratize AI and drive continuous improvement efforts directly to the shop floor.

Featured Apps


Create customized and interactive dashboards.

The Studio App allows you to autonomously build real-time, customized, and interactive dashboards directly from your Edge data streams. This enables you to track metrics, KPIs, and monitor variables. 

Pull in third-party data for a robust and centralized view into what’s happening in live time and share your work for cross-team collaboration. 

A fully personalized solution, Studio can be configured by a citizen data scientist using low-code/no-code, or highly customized using our open API.

Data Flows Manager

Manage your data flows through an easy drag-and-drop builder.

The Data Flows Manager (DFM) App is a flow-based programming tool offering an intuitive configuration playground to create, organize, and manage your data, which is then put to use in Braincube applications.

The DFM App’s visual design empowers data scientists and citizen data scientists alike to consolidate and use configured data. The drag-and-drop setup requires no coding to use, allowing for fast and easy adoption across the organization.


Automate and personalize alerts based on critical data

The Alerts App provides personalized alerts and notifications when critical conditions arise, a product goes out of spec, or if there is a safety concern. 

Configure rules on selected variables and get notified via SMS or email when the defined limit is exceeded. All alerts are saved, enabling you to better strategize your predictive maintenance by viewing the history on a dashboard or a chart for a selected period of time. 

Control Charts

Automate real-time industrial statistics

The Control Charts App allows you to leverage automated real-time statistical analysis with live data streams. This helps you understand and reduce variability. 

Establish the control chart of your machine or process variables and automatically record the sampling control results collected. View your defined variables in a graph to determine when to intervene and make an adjustment. 


Live monitoring of production rate and defect.

Use the Counter App to monitor the progress of your production teams by counting goods, defective parts, and production rate.

Seamlessly create a dashboard or Pareto chart to visualize productivity, aggregated by references, defects, or production goals.

SAS Machine Learning

On-demand programming access to machine learning algorithms in the cloud.

With no software to install and simplified, user-based licensing, SAS Machine Learning gives you fast, easy access to a broad set of modern statistical, machine learning, deep learning and text analytics algorithms.

Using these leading-edge algorithms drives innovation and enables you to uncover new patterns and trends. You can also find relationships between data attributes in structured and unstructured data.

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