Neovision and Braincube: Improve product traceability, quality, and safety

Custom Computer Vision Models Made for your Unique Business Needs

Use AI to leverage image recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and activity characterization technologies. Neovision integration with Braincube makes it possible to automate quality control and remove defective products from your production line—before they ever reach customers. Leverage your custom model from Neovision on your structured data through Braincube’s centralized Smart IIoT Platform.

Neovision’s self-learning AI models are custom-built for each customer’s use case. Computer vision technology uses an image of the perfect product for many different use cases depending on your specific needs: defect detection and classification; object detection or recognition; contamination detection; emergency detection; and product identification.

As the model learns to distinguish flawed products from correct products, it can also identify new defects that have not been seen before. When an anomaly is detected, Neovision and Braincube will alert your employees automatically, freeing your employees to focus on solving more complex and meaningful problems.

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Neovision’s adaptability and agility made it possible to obtain convincing results for our R&D project. The team is dynamic, innovative, organized, punctual and attentive to its customers in order to provide solutions adapted to our challenges and industrial constraints

— Cédric Vigier at CTC, a Neovision Customer

Guide to Machine Learning for Manufacturing

The connected factory enables manufacturers to collect, analyze, and innovate from their data. Introducing Machine Learning to this equation can accelerate the detection, optimization, and innovation capabilities of your workforce.

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