Braincube’s Year in Review: 2021

Today, we’re sharing a summary of Braincube’s key platform features and app updates for 2021. We’ve included links to learn more about the updates.

As usual, you can keep up to date with every product update in our Release Note Hub.

New Braincube Solutions for 2021

[Braincube IoT Server] – Full connectivity for better Digital Twins, stronger Cloud Analytics, and Faster Edge Computing

Braincube IoT Server connects machine and system data sources, allowing for off-the-shelf interoperability within your existing architecture.

This Edge Computing solution has an intuitive environment to connect, clean, and prepare your data. Eight Braincube ready-to-use applications immediately put you in control of your shop floor operations.

You can also use this data to build Digital Twins or for big data analytics in Braincube Cloud or in third-party systems.

[Braincube Digital Twins] – Better than ever

We worked hard this year to make Braincube’s product-based Digital Twin the most advanced on the market.

Braincube Digital Twins offer access to the exact manufacturing conditions of each product you make. Each Digital Twin is added into an accessible, centralized, and continuously updated database in Braincube. This database historizes each product’s Digital Twin so you can continuously optimize processes.

Digital Twins fast-track business goals through automated, ready-to-use data with Braincube’s Business Intelligence applications or through third-party systems.

Popular Braincube App updates in 2021

[Advanced Analysis] – AI made easy

Easy-to-use AI leads to transformative operations. Our new and improved interface allows anyone, particularly those with process and business knowledge (Process Engineers, Plant Managers, etc.) to benefit from Auto Machine Learning.

Using Braincube’s exclusive CrossRank AI, the Advanced Analysis app gives you the power to improve production processes by:

  • Uncovering the impacting variables on your objective(s)
  • Recommending the best settings for those variables
  • Predicting the impact of the new settings on your business objective(s), to avoid negative outcomes
  • Informing the amount of time you already run with the recommended settings to avoid any unexpected outcome

All without needing to cleanse, code, or manipulate data!

[Permalink] – Quickly generate QR codes 

The Permalink App allows you to generate a link and a QR code in just one click.

QR codes make it easy to share valuable information at the right time. For example, print the QR code and paste it on any machine, control panel, meeting room, etc. to display production standards, dashboards, and more.

[Charts] Table and Charts merged into one app called Charts

Merging these two apps makes it faster for users to visualize their data. Improved navigation, better menus for seeing and adjusting variables, and a new history page help you quickly find previously created Charts and Tables.

[Studio] – New widgets available for enhanced condition monitoring

Presenting and analyzing your data has never been so simple!. Studio’s newly designed widgets make it easier to understand what’s happening at your plant, track important KPIs, and personalize dashboards for your needs.

Note: IoT Server is required to use Studio. 

New Braincube Partnerships

Seamless Integrations to Grow Your Existing Network

[Neovision] – Braincube adds Computer Vision to its offer


Braincube’s new partnership with Neovision allows customers to build custom Machine Learning computer vision models to improve product traceability, quality, and safety. 

Identify and classify defects with Computer Vision AI to automate quality control and remove defective products to reduce scrap and improve customer satisfaction.

[RapidMiner] – Pre-Built Integration between RapidMiner and Braincube


Braincube and RapidMiner teamed up to help you leverage enhanced modeling capabilities. Use Automated AI and Machine Learning to manage and analyze data at scale.

See how you can improve your Overall Analytical Effectiveness (OAE), close the loop on production analytics, and control operations based on predictions.

[SAS] – Integrated Suite of Advanced Applications

By integrating Braincube with SAS, the world’s leading Advanced Analytics & AI company, your analytical power expands. Incorporating additional advanced analytics apps helps you, make the best decisions and unearth new opportunities.

Thank you for being a Braincube customer! We look forward to helping you achieve a successful 2022!