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Over 10 years of cost-saving improvements


Smurfit Kappa is one of the world’s largest providers of paper packaging solutions. They started a partnership with Braincube in 2018, intending to optimize productions, and are now one of Braincube’s longest-standing clients.

The paper packaging manufacturer used Braincube to identify and solve many problems within different facilities. The company saw an increase in employee interest and engagement, encouraging team members to expand their skills to other areas.

Smurfit Kappa wants to continue this successful partnership by scaling successful endeavors and use cases from one factory to another. As teams continue reaching new quality benchmarks, the company works toward achieving maximum performance on every line.

In this case study, you’ll:
  • discover how Smurfit Kappa used advanced analytics tools to solve long-standing problems and make their highly-efficient factories more efficient
  • learn how SMEs can better understand processes and uncover new cost-saving opportunities
  • learn how Smurfit Kappa plans to leverage Braincune to achieve maximum performance on every production line

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