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Decrease defects by 18% through production stabilization


Aubert & Duval, a subsidiary of Eramet Group, creates metal components used in aircraft assembly. They prioritize quality and have a zero-tolerance policy for defects. To ensure quality throughout their production process, they implemented Braincube to provide intricate traceability over lengthy production cycles.

Technical teams at each of Aubert & Duval’s facilities created 130 real-time dashboards to display KPIs focused on enhancing process control, quality, environmental impact, and yields.

Since implementing these new dashboards, Aubert & Duval has successfully reduced defects by 18% by stabilizing multiple parts of its operations. As new use cases are uncovered, Eramet Alloys Division has also adopted Braincube to show their dedication to embracing the Manufacturing Intelligence revolution and keeping up with Industry 4.0 demands.

In this case study, you’ll:
  • learn how Aubert & Duval achieved an 18% decrease in defects
  • understand how Aubert & Duval drove a 32% increase in the stability of their operative standards
  • learn more about Aubert & Duval’s

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