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1min August 10, 2022 1min Aug 10, 2022
August 10, 2022 1 minute read

Hybrid IIoT solution increases Golden Runs for fiberglass manufacturer

Producing fiberglass is a highly complex process that can’t simply be stabilized in a few clicks. A global fiberglass manufacturer was feeling the increased strain to reduce their production margins as the cost of raw materials rose due to COVID-19 and increased demand. They identified that access to production data would be a game-changer for the shop floor and remote operations to increase efficiency while meeting quality standards.

Digital Twins were built by product, so that every finished product had contextualized traceability information including automated smart variable calculations, process information like Energy Performance Index (by Grade), raw material information, quality, and more. This helped uncover new insights into how to reduce scrap and repeat Golden Batches more consistently.

Learn how this fiberglass manufacturer was able to increase productivity resulting in nearly $2M in additional product due to a drastic reduction in scrap.

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