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Food and Beverage Case Study: Industry 4.0 technologies to improve food quality

IIoT powers production improvements for Food and Bev manufacturer

One of Braincube’s Food and Beverage customers wanted to use Industry 4.0 technologies to tackle their quality and consistency challenges. They were having periodic issues with consistency in the weight and length of their food products. They were struggling with excess waste and wanted a way to reduce scrap, as this would help both their bottom line and their sustainability efforts

Working with Braincube’s consultants, a Digital Twin was built from their production processes. Access to clean, structured, and contextualized data helped the teams identify where variation existed within their processes. They also plan to utilize Braincube’s Edge Apps to get a live look on their production floor, enabling them to understand current live conditions.

Read more about this Food and Beverage company’s story—and the Braincube Apps that are helping them succeed—in this case study flipbook.

*For proprietary reasons, this company has elected to remain anonymous. All facts and figures are actual results.

Download Food and Beverage Industry 4.0 case study

Learn more about how this Food and Beverage Braincube customer plans to use IIoT technology to reduce scrap, improve quality, and reveal new opportunities for improvement. Click the button to download the full case study flipbook.

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