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Digital transformation empowers workforce productivity


Schneider Electric collaborated with Braincube for its digital transformation. They conducted a pilot project at their high-power inverter factory to test the relevance and efficiency of Braincube’s solutions.

After the success of that pilot project, they implemented Braincube across their other sites to use the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to transform into a smart factory.

Instead of constantly manually monitoring operations, Schneider Electric’s teams use Braincube’s AI to enhance their production lines’ efficiency and product quality. By optimizing performance, the company was able to improve throughput yield and increase its performance ratio.

‚ÄúRather than constantly checking that everything is operating as it should, which is extremely time-consuming, staff are now involved in optimizing performance, which leads to improved production quality.”

Julien Goudon, Digital Innovation Manager of Supply Chain Performance at Schneider Electric
In this case study, you’ll:
  • learn how they implemented Braincube to identify optimal production parameters and how it improved First Pass Yield
  • ¬†understand how Crossrank AI helped Schneider’s staff and teams reduce time-consuming tasks and focus on optimizing performance and quality
  • see why Braincube will continue to be an effective part of Schneider’s production lines, architecture, and strategy

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