Request a Demo: See Braincube Edge Data Analytics in Action

Monitor. Control. Adapt.

With Braincube’s IoT Server, you can simultaneously leverage real-time Edge Data and Big Data analytics from the Cloud. Request a demo using the form to see IoT Server in action.

Braincube can help you optimize set points identified through historical data analysis, then push those set points directly to a machine or an Edge device.

Key Features:

  • Build custom dashboards based on live and historical data
  • Implement AI recommended settings on the shop floor directly from the Cloud
  • Set alerting specs, centerlining goals, and more with the ability to adjust based on changing conditions
  • Create personalized reports that are always refreshed to reflect the most up-to-date information

Want to learn more about how this powerful tool can help you achieve your goals? Receive a custom demo of Braincube’s Edge Data Analytics Platform today!

Fast Facts on the IoT Server

Download our data sheet to learn more about IoT Server. You can read use cases for Edge data analytics and see an overview of key features before signing up for a demo.