Go beyond the boundaries of linear thinking

We help operations departments achieve peak efficiency so profits, people, and the planet thrive.

Manufacturing limitations can hinder your profits, people, and planet. Braincube enables you to explore multidimensional possibilities for peak efficiency and success.

AI analysis arms you with optimal operating standards at your fingertips. Braincube provides the tools you need to take your operations to the next level. Our industrial analytics and visualization platform is the key to unlocking greater potential for your company, your profits, and even the planet.

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Improve shop floor performance with automated, digital production standards


Increase productivity through cost and variability reduction

React faster and with more accurate responses to drifts thanks to real-time and AI-driven insights


Analyze faster and with on-demand, prepared data sets thanks to digital twins that align all data sources, time series, lag time, and more

Join the innovative Ops and Engineering leaders who have chosen Braincube.

Why Braincube?

Not all IIoT Platforms are created equal. Braincube was designed by manufacturers to meet the specific challenges of today’s competitive manufacturing world.

Solutions for Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for an IIoT Platform, Cloud, or Edge solution, we can help you solve your manufacturing challenges.

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