Connect all areas of manufacturing—not just pieces of it

Experience a leap in manufacturing productivity, a notable boost in profitability, and better quality products. Braincube’s unique approach analyzes all of your team’s data to reveal critical actions in real time.

Want to see Braincube in action? Request a demo

Want to see Braincube in action? Request a demo

Why our customers love us

Whether we’ve worked with a company for over a decade or are still implementing a new rollout, we strive to give each of our customers the tools, training, and resources they need for success. Our collaborative approach allows for flexibility to address specific challenges as well as tried-and-true knowledge to move forward quickly. Here’s what some of our customers are saying on Gartner’s Peer Insights.

Service & Support

“The teamwork with the technical support service of Braincube has played a key role in our continuous process improvement.”

— Project Engineer, Braincube Customer


“Easy to integrate to any legacy platform. This is what makes the Braincube product a winner.”

— Industry 4.0 Enterprise Architect, Braincube Customer

Ease of use

“Although our employees are diverse in [their] backgrounds, most are able to use Braincube after participating in the training.”

— Chemical Engineer, Braincube Customer

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