Altair Rapidminer and Braincube: Improve Overall Analytical Effectiveness

Increase your OAE with the Braincube and Altair Rapidminer integration.

Overall Analytical Effectiveness (OAE) is optimized when data is readily accessible, understandable, and easy to analyze when decisions need to be made.

Braincube’s IIoT Platform helps manufacturers collect, manage, and find value from their industrial data. The IIoT platform includes a suite of off-the-shelf enterprise apps that empowers manufacturers to uncover process optimizations for continuous improvement and breakthrough discoveries.

Add Altairs’s market-leading data science and machine learning platform to seamlessly deploy, manage, and improve models. With this powerful combination, you’ll have the toolset needed to perfect your process through predictive and prescriptive IIoT Analytics.

Customers are able to:

  • Save time, improve efficiency, and reduce cost by leveraging Braincube’s IIoT Platform and Altair’s market-leading data science and machine learning models.
  • Build multivariate predictions, simulations, clustering, and outlier detection to drastically improve predictions on models.
  • Push changes directly to the shop floor for real-time application and optimization.
  • Capitalize on your data to create new predictive models easily and with or without data science experience.
  • Create no-code/low-code Braincube dashboards to apply, track, and monitor KPIs.

Empower all end users to be more efficient, autonomous, and effective with data.

Altair & Braincube Bi-Directional Benefits


Advanced data use made simple

Braincube’s Smart IIoT Platform allows you to connect, collect, and manage your industrial data. Ready-to-use apps empower technical and non-technical teams to accelerate their day-to-day—such as real-time condition monitoring, alerting, and reporting.

Robust models uncover optimizations

With Altair’s and Braincube’s solutions, you can leverage proven data science models to find optimal prescriptions and/or build predictions. By harnessing the power of AI and ML in an automated way, you can quickly find cost and risk reductions to drive your Industry 4.0 goals.


Best-In-Class decision-making support

Braincube augments the collection, cleansing, and structuration of your data. With last-mile data prep from Altair, you are able to make data-driven decisions from the shop floor to upper management through IoT endpoint analyses.

What is OAE?

Just like OEE​ (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)​, OAE focuses on:

  • Data that is readily accessible, understandable, and easy to analyze when decisions need to be made—on the fly and on-demand. ​
  • Analysis is enhanced by AI/ML—providing predictions and prescriptions that can perform much better than humans alone. ​
  • Producing actionable outcomes with measurable results that are easily replicated across multiple sites.​

OAE helps to:

  • Cut Costs: Address hidden inefficiencies ​
  • Increase Revenue: Find new ways to produce more ​
  • Manage Risk: Avoid disaster scenarios​