The Braincube Ripple Effect

IIoT Impacts Your Entire Company

It’s tempting to look at an IIoT platform as just one more line item on a department’s budget. The truth is much more complicated—and much more beneficial for your entire organization.

Download our free infographic to see how IIoT platforms—like Braincube—have a “ripple effect” on your entire organization.

Make Your Smart Factory Even Smarter

Here are the questions you and your executive teams should be asking when building a 4.0 strategy—and how to answer them.

Gain Support from the Factory Floor to the C-Suite

Presenting a new tool or procedure to your management team often results in resistance, ranging from lack of funds to an undefined return on investment (ROI).

Use these seven helpful tips to build a convincing case for bringing an IIoT digital transformation tool to your company.

Cargill’s Data Analysis 50% Faster with Braincube

Braincube built a digital twin of the Cargill’s boiler data, enabling Cargill to uncover crucial operating parameters. Cargill significantly saved in boiler operating expenses and increased weekly recipe production by 400% after using Braincube for only one year.

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