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Gartner® Research: “6 top practices for winning the race toward intelligent assets”


Expecting to find the Gartner® “Predicts 2023: Analytics, BI, and data science composability and consolidationreport? This report is no longer available. Instead, we are offering the latest from Gartner®: “6 Top Practices for Winning the Race Toward Intelligent Assets.

Energy companies are adopting emerging technologies faster than ever because they no longer can deploy a wait-and-see strategy. As a result, intelligent assets are taking the oil and gas industry by storm.

Defined by Gartner, “intelligent assets are those that have fully accessible and compatible datasets that support lean, automated, and end-to-end processes that simultaneously optimize operations, engineering, maintenance, planning, and economic performance for current market conditions.”

With intelligent assets, we believe the oil and gas industry can efficiently increase reliability, improve competitive performance, and optimize workflows.

Read the latest Gartner report: 6 Top Practices for Winning the Race Toward Intelligent Assets, specifically for the energy companies.

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Gartner®, 6 Top Practices for Winning the Race Toward Intelligent Assets By Rich McAveyLloyd JonesAlfonso Velosa, 19 September 2022.

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