Gartner® Research: “Get Ready For Data Management at the Edge: Key Considerations and Actions”


Expecting to find the Gartner® Research: “Follow Oil and Gas Digitalization Best Practices to Drive Digital Value at Scale”? This report is no longer available. Instead, we are offering the latest from Gartner® Research: “Get Ready For Data Management at the Edge: Key Considerations and Actions”

Data volume and diversity are on the rise, with IoT devices driving this data influx within manufacturing.

“This is where edge computing comes in, supporting the demand for computing environments residing closer to assets in the physical world and outside IT’s typical purview, with the goal of enabling distributed, local data and analytics capabilities.”*

Edge computing presents immense opportunities to manufacturers of all sizes. But for companies looking to add more Edge devices into their architecture, the shift away from centralized Cloud data centers can generate more questions than answers.

The right strategies and planning can ensure that Edge solutions are successfully implemented and yield a positive ROI. We believe that this research from Gartner can help IT and Data and Analytics leaders build successful Edge strategies.

In the latest research by Gartner®, “Get Ready for Data Management at the Edge: Key Considerations and Actions,” we believe IT and Data and Analytics leaders will learn how to:

  • effectively plan and strategize for successful Edge computing solutions
  • balance Cloud/data center requirements with Edge environments
  • minimize risk and improve governance in Edge environments

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*Gartner, Get Ready For Data Management at the Edge: Key Considerations and Actions, Ted Friedman, 24 September 2021

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